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Senior or Sick Pet Lab Screen

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Our onsite lab panel checks 14 different values with only a few drops of blood.  Results available on site within 15 minutes.
Recommended for senior pets for health maintenance and early disease detection.  Useful if your pet is experiencing any of the following symptoms of illness:
  • Vomiting  or Diarrhea ?
  • Low energy or Reduced activity?
  • Excessive thirst  &  urination?
  • Sudden or gradual changes in behavior ?
  • Losing weight?
  • Poor appetite , stopped eating?
  • For cats, stopped grooming?
  • Turning yellow?
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Senior Sick labs.
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Pet Lump or Bump Evaluation

Could it be cancer?

Any bump, lump or growth on your pet's skin (AKA masses or lesions) can be cancerous. Especially if it's growing rapidly, changing appearance, or bleeding.


Early detection  will result in better outcomes.

Our lump/bump  evaluation includes:

  • An onsite consult with our vet to examine the area of concern and advise you on how to best proceed in order to safeguard your pets health. This may involve either, taking a wait and watch approach or submitting a small  tissue sample to a veterinary pathologist for microscopic  examination. (AKA Histopathology)

  • If our veterinarian determines that  tissue sampling is necessary, the sample will be submitted to a board certified veterinary pathologist for an additional charge of $89 per lesion.

  • Please note: this price does NOT include surgery for lesion removal or any followup visits that may be advised.


Bump or lump

Anal Gland expressions in dogs

anal gland anatomy.jpg
  • If your dog scoots or licks his rear end, it's likely an anal gland issue.

  • Anal glands can get blocked and infected if not emptied regularly.

  • Early detection and intervention will avoid serious complications such an an anal gland abscess.

anal glands

Pet Physical Exam

Why have your pet examined by a veterinarian ?

  • Because  pets  age much faster than humans.

  • Helps to  detect disease early.

  • Early detection means better outcomes.

  • Better outcomes mean a longer and happier life for your pet!

Our physical exam includes:

  • 25 point comprehensive checklist.

  • Checks all body parts and systems

  • Report of positive findings

  • Suggestions as needed

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Physical exam 2.png
Physical exam

Nail trims for Dogs & Cats

Starting at

Nails 2.jpg
nails 1.png
  • Cats (any weight) ------- $12

  • Dogs  1.0 to 25 lbs. --------$12

  • Dogs  26 to 75 lbs. --------$14

  • Dogs > 75 lbs. ------------$16

  • Note this service is temperament permitting.

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